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Scale of exhibits

1.Mobile cloud/wearable devices:telemedical,cloud health care,health management service platforms

2.System/software:mobile medical App,voice interaction,somatosensory software;

3.Wearable devices:smart helmet,intelligent brain ring,smart glasses,smart goggles,intelligent cervical ring,intelligent prostheses,smart monitoring device,smart cuff,smart watches,smart fabrics,clothes,skin sensor ,T-shirt.cane,smart baby pajamas,finger probe,fuel wristbands,sport shoes,track and other sport;

4.Health management:physical examination,health assessment ,health automation management ,remote monitoring ,psychological evaluation ,genetic testing ,health management system ,health club,pension institutions;

5.Intelligent testing equipment :blood pressure,blood glucose meter,oximetry,hearing aids,oxygen making machine,ventilator,ultrasonic instrument,hydrotherapy instrument,RF Yan Yi,mask,cleansing instrument ,removing acne instrument ,photon rejuvenation devices,hair removal instrument and beautifying ,slimming devices,detector,intelligent stethoscope ,measuring fine treasure ;

6.Elderly service & products:the elderly,wheelchair,nursing bed,elderly health care ,elderly rehabilitation and well-being,smart pension scheme,the elderly livable and intelligent ,the elderly products and service ,pension institutions,etc;

7.Intelligent rehabilitation care products:intelligent rehabilitation nursing equipment ,auxiliary equipment,intelligent diagnosis instrument hearing and language of assistive,low vision aids,prosthetics and orthotics,dynamic health monitors,remote health monitoring,intelligent capsule ,intelligent tables and smart pills;

8.Massage /spa products :electronic massager ,massage foot bath,massage chair,eye health apparatus,head massage ,low-frequency physiotherapeutic instrument,pulse physiotherapeutic Instrument,microwave therapy instrument ;

9.Medical Tourism/Overseas Medical:Medical tourism, overseas medical treatment, hospital, clinic, rehabilitation and health care center examination center, anti-aging, fertility service

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