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China int`l new generation health care & Health Management Service Expo
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August 30-September 01,2017     Shanghai New International Expo Center

October 12-14,2017           Chengdu Century City New Int’l Convention and Exhibition Center

April 08-10,2018                 China International Exhibition Center


Approved by :Ministry of Commerce,PRC.

Organizers:China Medical Equipment Industry Association

                      China International Communication Promotion Association for Medical and Health Care           

                     World Health Industry Conference Organizing Committee

Co-organizer: Taiwan Welfare Association

            ES International Co.,Ltd            

            Japanese International Association of Health and Welfare

Supported by: The US-China Economic and Trade Promotion Association

            German Aerospace Energy Biosciences Institute

Organizer:Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

         Jes Media Corp


The advantages of wisdom medical expo:

1.National Level:Approved by MINISTRY OF COMMERCE, PRC,organized past 21 times in health care industry of China,the only health expo with government subsidy

2.Industry level:Several foreign pavilions and enterprises appeared, profession ,strongly promote the development of wisdom medical industry, recommended advanced applicable technology home and abroad, building a supply and demand platform, becomes the elderly service industry vane in China

3.itself level:established in 2003,located in Beijing,devoted itself into health care industry !Now,after decades years accumulation ,forming the best marketing model ,closely relationship with association ,huge database of professional visitors.

4.Scale level:Covers more than 20,000 square meters ,over 300 famous brand,registration No.above 30,000 in advance

5.Media level:CCTV7,CCTV4,BTV,Dragon Television,PHOENIX Net,HK TV etc will report


Exhibiting achievement

1.Investment Harvest: Established in 2003 with huge customer resources, has successfully held the expo for 21 times, now has mastered 50.000 accurate and effective business procurement database resources from 27 countries and regions in the world. Put forward the "one-time, service three-year" service concept, after the end of the exhibition,we will continue to provide enterprises the news with procurement, channel business data, value-added services.

2.Geographical gains:Shanghai the largest economy center of China with huge business resources and consumption ability ,the important market for enterprises

3.Activities benefits:Learn the latest knowledge and acknowledge the Peers and experts through varies current activities ,such as World Health Conference,Innovation technology for smart medical,health life-style display ,marketing communication,hospitals and health management branch visitor ,business match etc.  

4.Resource:The exhibitors have the chance to become No.of China International Exchange

and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care,CPAM,then get the certifications of these associations

5.Spread benefits:Before the exhibition through Baidu, wechat, precision advertising, television advertising, elevator advertising, the WeChat Official Account Admin Platform and so on; set up the interview zone;after the exhibition through CCTV4, Hong Kong satellite TV, CCTV7, China Radio, Zhong Xin, Economic Daily, Phoenix, such as television, broadcasting, news agencies, hundred media participation in the exhibition and related enterprise product promotion in order to ensure the promotion effect.

6. Value-Added services: help you plan, organize the conference, merchants, docking and media communications services at relatively low prices  

7. Awards: To help customers win the market honor, expand product Sales, the organizing committee set up awards activities, the General Assembly, "gold", "Silver", "Bronze Award", "Top ten Brand Award", "Integrity Pacesetter Award," Designated Product Award "," Recommended Product Award "," Science and Technology Innovation Award "," Best Corporate Image Display Award "," Consumer trust brand "," Value Brand Award "," Packaging design Award "etc. The Organizing committee provides free web site and the official Website link Service, the official website brand promotion member one year service

8. Comprehensive cooperation: In order to show the strength of the company, establish a corporate image, the organizing committee set up a title and co-organizer program:1.diamond-level sponsor: enterprises in the industry has a certain reputation with good brand influence, sponsorship/Crown name amount of 480,000 yuan; 2.Platinum-level sponsor: enterprise toward into overseas market with good reputation, sponsorship amount of 280,000 yuan.

Expo review:

China International Wisdom Medical & Wearable Devices Expo 2017 hosted by Shibowei International Expo Group & China International Exchange and Promotive Association for  Medical and Health care,China Elder Care-Service Research Institute.It is a trade expo of senior care and rehabilitation medicine which has the longest history, largest scale and highest degree of internationalization in China. Since 2003,China International Elderly Service & Health Management Expo has established a good reputation world wild for welfare industry.   

    More than 350 companies from England, Germany, Austria, America, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Iceland, Australia, Singapore, China, China Hong Kong, and China Taiwan, altogether 16 countries and regions, showcased new products and technologies with a floor space of over 30,000 m2. Taiwan Pavilion and Japanese Pavilion which had more than 50 companies attracted a great number of visitors.

     China International Elderly Service & Health Management Expo 2017 expects to invite 500 exhibitors from 18 countries displayed their latest developments and product innovations, and more than 40000 visitors will come to visit the show. We believe thatChina International Elderly Service & Health Management Expo will be your best choice to help you open the Chinese market.



1.the strength of the credibility of the sales network terminal dealers, agents, trading companies, distributors.

2.large supermarkets, commercial pharmaceutical group, chain stores, drug stores, community health service station, health center, gym, beauty salon, health management chain institutions, private clubs, customer services, TV shopping channels, online shopping mall, trade services, gift shop,  VIP unit purchase etc..

3, import and export trade company , industry associations, more than 50 provinces of Beijing office, the SASAC central enterprises union system, nursing homes, the disabled rehabilitation center, retired cadres health stations, hospitals, military sanatorium, social welfare, sports colleges and research institutions rehabilitation professional schools and health care equipment production enterprises and senior managers.

4, the clinical examination departments, CDC, diagnosis room, epidemic prevention station, blood bank, drug control center and other equipment management section, and research institutions, medical institutions and other health system procurement management.


2.The scale of exhibits:

Mobile cloud/wearable devices:telemedical,cloud health care,health management service platforms

System/software:mobile medical App,voice interaction,somatosensory software;

Wearable devices:smart helmet,intelligent brain ring,smart glasses,smart goggles,intelligent cervical ring,intelligent prostheses,smart monitoring device,smart cuff,smart watches,smart fabrics,clothes,skin sensor ,T-shirt.cane,smart baby pajamas,finger probe,fuel wristbands,sport shoes,track and other sport;

Health management:physical examination,health assessment ,health automation management ,remote monitoring ,psychological evaluation ,genetic testing ,health management system ,health club,pension institutions;

Intelligent testing equipment :blood pressure,blood glucose meter,oximetry,hearing aids,oxygen making machine,ventilator,ultrasonic instrument,hydrotherapy instrument,RF Yan Yi,mask,cleansing instrument ,removing acne instrument ,photon rejuvenation devices,hair removal instrument and beautifying ,slimming devices,detector,intelligent stethoscope ,measuring fine treasure ;

Elderly service & products:the elderly,wheelchair,nursing bed,elderly health care ,elderly rehabilitation and well-being,smart pension scheme,the elderly livable and intelligent ,the elderly products and service ,pension institutions,etc;

Intelligent rehabilitation care products:intelligent rehabilitation nursing equipment ,auxiliary equipment,intelligent diagnosis instrument hearing and language of assistive,low vision aids,prosthetics and orthotics,dynamic health monitors,remote health monitoring,intelligent capsule ,intelligent tables and smart pills;

Massage /spa products :electronic massager ,massage foot bath,massage chair,eye health apparatus,head massage ,low-frequency physiotherapeutic instrument,pulse physiotherapeutic

Instrument,microwave therapy instrument ;

9.Medical Tourism/Overseas Medical:Medical tourism, overseas medical treatment, hospital, clinic, rehabilitation and health care center examination center, anti-aging, fertility service

3.Market prospect

From the present situation of social development, the extension of life expectancy, the decline of the birth rate and the people's concern about health show that our country is entering an aging society. The number of people aged 60 and over will rise to nearly 440m by 2050, accounting for 34 per cent of China's total population, according to a report by BCG and Swiss Re, which is in the age of deep aging. The elderly over the age of 65 years of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, the prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, arthritis is 3 ~ 7 times the population aged 15 ~ 45, for chronic disease monitoring of an aging population, reduce the medical expenses is especially important for a long time.

Serious shortage of health resources, especially in remote areas, the people on health care demand and the lack of medical conditions in reality form the conflict, and the rapid development of mobile Internet and big data provides necessary conditions for the development of mobile medical treatment. Therefore telemedicine, electronic medical (e - health) is very urgent, with the help of the Internet of things/cloud computing technology, artificial intelligence, expert system, an embedded system, intelligent equipment, can build up a perfect Internet of medical system. Make the equally enjoy the top medical services, solve or reduce due to the lack of medical resources, lead to medical care, the doctor-patient relationship nervous, the phenomenon such as frequent accidents.

Under the help of the mobile Internet, mobile medical is attractive, because it can make the limitation of human from computers and smart phones, creating a new mobile web portal. It embedding sensors, wireless communication, multimedia and other technical glasses, watches, bracelets, clothing and footwear and equipment in daily wear, close-fitting wearing a way of measuring the signs can be used. Wearable technology to large-scale into ordinary people's life, will bring significant technological change for human in every corner of life  so the combination of mobile Internet and wearable devices has brought a new era of "smart medical".

For promoting our booth sale and expand your international marketing in China, our company made the following plan:

If you can book booths for Beijing and Shanghai expo at the same time with our market price, they will get one 9sqm booths for free of charge in our Chengdu Expo.

 If you can book booths for Shanghai and Chengdu Expo at the same time, you can enjoy 20 % discount on booth price for this 2 expos.

Welcome more exhibitors to join us. More details,please contact with the organizer:


Chris Jia      chris.2003@sbwexpo.cn    skype:healthcarechris





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